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The On-line Modules

This is the full content CoCOS On-line training, the preparatoy part of the CoCOS staff training. The subject is Co-Creation and its usage in adult education. It consist of six modules you can follow in a self-study way and the estimated time is 3 weeks.

Proposed timeline is as follows:
- 09/01 Module 1: Why co-creation?
- 11/01 Module 2: Broad types of co-creation - in-class versus asynchronous
- 16/01 Module 3: Co-creation from a teacher point of view
- 18/01 Module 4: Tap into your network
- 23/01 Module 5: Co-creation from a student point of view
- 25/01 Module 6: Lessons learned - Recaps of modules 1-5